Wednesday, June 2, 2010 a hole in the head.

Seriously. As if I need one more thing to complicate my life. Living 3000 + km from everything I know, going from 0 to married in 30 seconds and now.....3 KIDS! As if I needed this. Well, I do. And I'm going to try to commit to it, despite my commitment issues. 
I need a place to document the funny things M says. I need to record the various twin milestones (because M's scrapbook turned out so darn well ;p) I need to lay down the bits and bites that make our family who they are. Most of all, I want a place that my children can look to one day and understand why. Why I stand in their bedroom door and watch them breathe while they sleep, why I inhale deeply whenever I kiss them (and why one kiss is never enough) and why our life is what it is. We don't know where the path will take us, but it's always great to look back upon the roads that got us there. This will be our map.

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  1. Yay for your map. I love it. Keep up with it--- you will have NO regrets!!! Seriously. Love you!