Sunday, September 5, 2010

....because it makes me laugh so hard.


Kaden and Audrina - 7 Months
Sisters <3
You're reading my blog. You know what's funny? It'd be an effing miracle if I could remember what font I use and what size from one time to the next. I usually just type it out and then change it when I preview it and it doesn't match. Awesome.
Maddie is starting Montessori on Tuesday. 3 hours, 3 times a week. I think she'll love it. I know that there will be a BIG period of adjustment for her. But once she gets the routine down, I think she'll do well. Mike wasn't impressed with their orientation presentation (mostly because they didn't indicate in any way not to bring the children and we went with Madina). We'll see. I'll judge based on how Maddie feels about going, not on her algebra skills or her ability to solve word problems. Tying her shoe lace by the end of the year would be a bonus!
Summer is over and thoughts of returning to work are swirling in my head. I'm actually looking forward to it. I find, like with most periods in my life right now, I want to fast forward and just be in that place where we have a routine going. Kids at daycare, home with Mike on the weekends, me calling home from work to check on them all even though I know everything is ok. I have no patience for the 'getting there' period. 
I turned 32 this summer but still feel 26. I always say that 26 was the last year that I stopped looking back at the prior year and doing a facepalm at the person that I was. But for the first time in my life, I feel old. Not cool. Hopefully, I'll find my my 30's. Ew.
We're quite settled in and loving our home. We've had lots of guests come thru in the past little while and we have a big bash planned in October. Still haven't quite got my groove as far as cleaning and when I do what and how it gets done but I don't care. I'm just enjoying all of the blessings around me and soaking up every moment. Maddie is a constant reminder of how quickly time flies by. I'm gonna hit pause as often as I can.