Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just needed to log in quickly so I can start and share a running list of the fun and strange things we have discovered in our new house. Talk about things that make you go hmmmmmm.

1) Kaden's bedroom has a knob that locks. It was their office. The painter just found a key for it on the door frame.

2) On the frame of my bedroom door she found a tiny screwdriver, which I think Mike found about 2 others in various places.

3) A looooong cotton swab like the ones we use in the hospital for sample taking was found on the door frame of the ensuite bathroom. A very tall person with giant ears perhaps??

4) A weird metal pipe on top of all the cabinets and extra shelving for the cabinets. Wouldn't you put them 10 ft in the air where no one would ever think to look for extra shelving???

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just a couple pics of those smiles I love so much!!!

I have actual time on my hands!!!!

So, why not blog??? Maddie is at daycare which would have crushed me last week but this week, I'm seeing the beauty of it. I love love LOVE my baby girl but time away is good for both of us ;) I got to spend the morning drinking HOT coffee and playing with the twins. They are both down for a nap so now I can spend some time doing Dunia stuff. We are living out of my bedroom again today. The painters started on Friday which left our house looking like a construction zone all weekend. The house is starting to feel like home and it's so nice to be able to put our personal touch on it. The more things around me come together, the more I am humbled by all the wonderful gifts I've been given. Wonderful husband and partner, beautiful, healthy children and now this amazing house where we can grow. 
I was watching 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' for the first time since the twins were born last night. I can't help but feel like that movie is the story of my life and I can't believe how much that life has changed. I just hope that as they grow, I can instill in my children the belief that anything is possible, even complete and utter happiness. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Note to Maddie, Audrina and Kaden

I was just thinking about the way a smile spreads across your faces when you first see me in the morning. I don't know what it is that makes you smile, but I hope you look at me like that forever. Mommy loves you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New house, new beginning!

So we're all moved in. We moved on July 22 and let me tell you, the day was much less than I thought it would be. The house was dirty and their were gouges in the walls from the previous owners. I was in tears as I left a message for our painters. Moving day had been ruined. 
I can't write much right now (the painters are here as we speak!!) but something happened that put all of this into perspective. A friend of mine at work told me that her house burnt down, right to the ground. Nothing can be salvaged. It happened at 2:30 am, her family just barely out the door before the entire house was engulfed. Her children have post traumatic stress, they can't sleep at night and need counselling. It broke my heart. Here I was complaining about a few dings in the wall and they had lost everything. Obviously, I'll be doing what I can to help them out but this will always stick in my head as a reminder to recognize all that I have been blessed with. In Maddie's words, this house is 'just perfect'. It's being surrounded by Mike and my babies; that's home.